Since 2012, our company, IV-Expo Prague s.r.o., has been engaged in the manufacture and sale of phosphate-free washing and cleaning household products on the EU and CIS markets.

Since July 31, 2015, our company has been the owner of Chemiko A.S., located at the address: Kokonínská 1, PSČ 468 02, Rychnov u Jablonce nad Nisou, Česká Republika, Czech company, which was a manufacturer of phosphate-free washing agents in the Czech Republic since 1994.

Our company’s production capacities allow manufacture of:
Bulk products: 41.5 tons per day
Liquid products: 30,000 liters per day

In order to expand the production capacities of the company, in the nearest future we plan to install a new packaging line, which will allow increasing the production of bulk products up to 90 tons per day.

The company offers a wide range of products, which consists of more than 50 names of in-house cleaning household products, including such well-known brands as Adela, Tersy, and Carene.

The company also specializes in the design and manufacture of the in-house brands (Private Label), which are developed by our experts individually for each client, ranging from the creation of a separate powder formulation, development of a packaging design, production of packaging materials, to the output of the most finished products directly under the customer’s private brand.

Our company’s products are an indicator of true Czech quality; the company does not only take care of clean clothes, but also of human health and environmental well-being. One of the company’s priority goals is to expand the geography of the sales market and to move Czech phosphate-free washing agents to the international market.

Currently, the products manufactured by IV-Expo Prague s.r.o. are widely represented not only in the Czech Republic, but also outside its borders, in the countries of the former Soviet Union and other foreign countries such as Germany, Slovakia, Poland, Lithuania, Romania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Latvia, Estonia, Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Georgia, and Iraq. In the nearest future, we plan to go to the markets of the Russian Federation, African and Latin American countries.

An unvaried feature of IV-Expo Prague s.r.o. is its continuous work on increasing the quality of manufactured products, development of new products to provide our customers an opportunity to use only high QUALITY HOUSEHOLD CHEMICAL GOODS IN THEIR HOUSE!