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Tersy washing-up liquid


Tersy washing-up liquid. Lemon/Apple washing-up liquid with degreasing action at very low dosages. Environmentally friendly product. Advanced formulation is gentle for hands.


0,2-5% anionic surfactants, sodium chloride. Other ingredients: perfume, limonene, citral, colouring agent C.I. 19140, preservation (Methylchloroisothiazolinone, Methylisothiasolinone)

Package type Plastic bottle
Volume of packaging 500 ml 625 ml 1 L
Bar code
8594002511807 Washing-up liquid Tersy 500 ml Apple
8594002511784 Washing-up liquid Tersy 500 ml Lemon
8594002519230 Washing-up liquid Tersy 625 ml Apple
8594002519223 Washing-up liquid Tersy 625 ml Lemon
8594002511289 Washing-up liquid Tersy 1000 ml
Pcs. / Carton 12
Pcs. / Pallet 75 72 48
Number of units on pallet 900 864 576

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