IV – Expo Prague’s.r.o. it:

  • Production of 41.5 tons per day of bulk materials (powders), which corresponds to the annual production in volume about 13 820 tons;
  • Production of 30,000 liters per day of liquid products, which represents an annual productivity of about 9 990 000 l;
  • in addition to technological lines for the production of household chemicals, the plant has large storage space, which is more than 1 350 m2 for the storage of finished products, equal to approximately 352 tonnes of finished products;
  • the Minimum investment for the purchase of new equipment 1 € 280 million;
  • Production corresponding to the international quality standards ISO-9001;
  • high-Quality household chemicals, complying with the European standard E-1;
  • Area of the plant 1.3 ha;


quality products, modern equipment, qualified staff and years of experience – key success factors of our plant.

Features produced by household chemicals:

  • household chemical goods Manufacture is carried out under the trademarks: «Adéla» «Tersy», «Carene»;
    (details can be found products and brands in the product catalog IV Expo – Prague s.r.o.);
  • With the latest world requirements for hygienic and environmental safe-
    STI, we developed a recipe and technology for the production of phosphate-free washing in roskow, safe compounds of phosphorus, chlorine, nitrogen, zeolites, sulfates and silicates;
  • phosphate-free detergents are produced from botanicals and do not have got undesirable influence on the person and the environment.

Currently, the company’s products IV-Expo Prague’s.r.o. widely represented not only in the Czech Republic, but also abroad in countries near and far abroad:


In 2017 to enter the markets of Russia, Kazakhstan, Africa

you can Also download the full presentation in pdf format: